The Yellowstep Team By The Yellowstep Team • September 1, 2014

The most famous rebrands of the past 100 years [infographic]

How much time and thought have you really invested into your brand? Does your brand really reflect your business' values? We've recently written about the importance of a strong brand, and how a simple rebrand could turn your whole business' reputation around, Compare the Market is a great example.

The infographic below shows us the most famous rebrands of the past 100 years, some of these original brand names may surprise you. 

Most famous rebrands infographic

This infographic shows that a rebrand can be anything from changing a letter to a drastic multi-million overhaul. While some name changes might have taken a while to get used to, most of them are now household names.

So which original brand names and logos do you recognise? 

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