The Yellowstep Team By The Yellowstep Team • March 2, 2015

How to deliver a compelling elevator pitch [Infographic]

Delivering a compelling elevator pitch

Every business needs a good elevator pitch, whether it be something your sales teams use to connect with prospects in meetings and on the phone, or as a one page overview of your business. 

Having a clear idea of what your elevator pitch should be will help ensure that all employees and marketing communications present a clear and unified view of what your business does, what problems it solves, and what makes it special. 

But how do you create the perfect elevator pitch that gets across all the information you need, without losing your audiences interest? Take a look at this handy infographic from Bplans to find out the seven key components required to create and deliver a compelling"el elevator pitch: 


Download our template:

Don't rely on guesswork to determine whether you've got your elevator pitch right...coming up with the right message and aligning it to your audience requires a more strategic approach. 

We've put together a template to help you build a better understanding of your target audience, and create content such as a compelling elevator pitch to engage them. Download it here now.... 

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