Robbie Jones By Robbie Jones • June 20, 2016

5 fast growing software firms in the UK that SMEs in the industry should emulate


The latest Deloitte Technology Fast 500 has uncovered the incredible growth seen by IT and technology firms around the world. Now in its fifteenth year, the report looks at companies that combine technological innovation, entrepreneurship, and more importantly, rapid growth.

Despite Netherlands-based media company, Catawiki, taking the top spot in the latest ranking, the UK's software firms were proudly representing the industry and expertise in the country. While some of the companies in the Fast 500 ranking have seen significant investment, the work that these companies have done to mould their marketing strategies to attract the growth is particularly interesting for Marketing Managers in the industry.

Here're the UK's top 5 fastest growing software firms and what marketing techniques they've implemented successfully to achieve such phenomenal growth over the past 12 months - including tips for SMEs to emulate the success their compatriots have had recently:

Top 5 fastest growing software firms

1 - WorldRemit, Ltd

  • 20,385% growth

An industry-leading privacy and payment security system, WorldRemit has achieved growth through significant investment from Silicon Valley, to the tune of $100 million, plus, a strategy that undercuts all other bank transfer companies on fees.

TIP - Their Facebook page encapsulates everything they want to do, which is to make it easier to communicate and send money around the world. The international vibe is supported by visual content marketing tools such as infographics and videos to showcase how the B2C tool is helping change lives. 

2 - Kimble Applications Limited

  • 5127% growth

A professional services software provider, described as "PSA on steroids" has seen tremendous growth over the past 12 months. With all SaaS websites, as you would expect, the website offers a free demo which is a tried and tested way of getting business leads online.

TIP - What Kimble have done brilliantly well is implement a content marketing strategy around"best practice" for running a business that grows profitability and utilisation. This free content supports the work they can do through their software tool to help clients achieve their growth goals.

3 - LMAX Limited

  • 2894% growth

A global FX trading software solution for brokers, funds, and interbank trading, LMAX Limited have made it easier to trade around the world - opening their software up to multiple regions, clients, and customers.

TIP - If ever there was a best practice example of an FX trading company using content marketing - then this is it. Their range of explainer videos, fascinating blog articles, and downloadable reports in various languages, is smart, succinct, yet incredibly informative. A wonderful way to showcase the experience, expertise and trust LMAX have in the industry.

4 - Funding Circle

  • 2491% growth

A surprise inclusion in the Fast 500 is the Government-owned funding matchmaking service for business owners and investors. The Funding Circle has already helped lend over £1.2 billion and is on the verge of becoming the UK's biggest lender to SMEs.

TIP - As well as a nationwide advertising campaign, the Funding Circle has done their homework and produced quality marketing assets to attract both companies seeking finance and investors to join the website portal. Company owner-focussed blogs and investor guides are great examples of the work they've done so far.

5 - Touchnote

  • 2312% growth

Another B2C software company, Touchnote has synchronised the online and offline world to create a tool that allows users to personalise greeting cards from their iPhone and send them too.

TIP - Combined with a strong television and paid online media strategy, Touchnote has become user-centric in its efforts to increase app usage and new customers. Their Twitter account is proof of this approach, retweeting those who are finding the app a very useful tool.

The role of marketing to gain growth

It's not just funding that can make a software firm take off. A clear marketing strategy, using the right channels to reach the right target audience, is where it all begins. You will already be aware of the impact that content marketing can use to boost website visitors, and generate business leads.

It is evident from just the five examples above that content marketing is a vital tool to growth. Whether you're looking to introduce a new eBook, new blog article, a range of videos, or webinars, these are arguably the best way to generate business leads and close them as a sale too - particularly good for SaaS firms.

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