Robbie Jones By Robbie Jones • July 13, 2016

Software firms: How to boost engagement on social media in less than 250 words


Getting engagement from social media is becoming harder and harder for businesses. While the rest of the market have turned social media platforms into ‘publishing’ channels, you should refrain from simply shouting about your products, and instead engage in conversation.

Conversation, content, and the right channels can help you succeed in boosting your social media engagement – without touching your Twitter Ads or Facebook advert account. In less than 250 words, I’m going to attempt to give succinct takeaway advice that you can implement immediately into your digital marketing to get people talking to you across the web. 250 words – here we go…

Get on the right channels

If your buyer persona mostly uses LinkedIn, then why are you spending time on Twitter? Reassess where they are looking, and how your messages can grab their attention amongst the noise.

Get the right time

It’s no good firing posts off at random times, think about when your persona is online and browsing a channel. Use this information to push messages at a time they will see them. Not sure when they’re active? Do some test posts throughout the day and see which posts get the most engagement.

Promote on your homepage

It’s still a powerful tool to have your social media accounts lined up on your website header or footer. If you’re missing a channel, speak to your web team now and get that icon and link on immediately.

Listen and respond

You should already be listening to what people have to say about your company on social media. But remember to think about those who tweet a problem they are having, that your product can help resolve. If you’re listening, you can directly tweet people to strike up a conversation and pick up a potential customer.

Promote lead generation content

As savvy marketers, you will already have an abundance of content that sits behind a contact form – whether it is an eBook, free demo, or webinar. Social media is a great way to promote your content, and along with hashtags, you can access new audiences to generate new engagement and business leads too.


So there we go, in 249 words I’ve given you five tips to help you boost engagement on your social accounts. The main point of social media is to engage in a conversation with potential customers – if you’re not doing this already, or at least listening to what they’ve got to say, then do something about it now. Conversations lead to chats; chats lead to interest, and interest leads to customers.

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