Robbie Jones By Robbie Jones • January 1, 2018

SaaS sales and marketing trends you should know about

Saas sales and marketing trends 2016

Don't fall behind the competition or the industry when it comes to these new sales and marketing trends for SaaS firms. Take a look at what's set to grow and what's set to go over the next 12 months so you can position your brand and marketing collateral correctly.

Mobile is to stay

SaaS firms that have managed to cater to enterprises with productivity tools via mobile devices are winning. Buyers want functionality on-the-go, but still value the breadth of detail they can obtain from the desktop format of your software. 

Rising wages/cost/work

With the rise of minimum wages in the UK, the software industry is set to recuperate its costs by increasing fees, and putting additional work on fewer staff members. This streamlining means that you and your team need to both promote your firm's services at a higher cost and help your sales team with the burden of more leads generated.

Unbundled products are here to stay

No longer are businesses ready to buy a package of software products, for them only to use 50% of the products. Start-up firms are empowering consumers to cherry pick the products they really want, and charging them accordingly. While some firms may be happy adopting this approach, other firms with a larger product range could consider this strategy to upsell in the future, potentially at a higher cost than current package prices.

Move to one side big SaaS firms

Businesses are looking for ultra niche SaaS firms to buy bespoke industry solutions - rather than making do with a solution too big for them. These smaller SaaS firms are running very lean and very profitable businesses - for SMEs, this is your chance to emulate them. For larger firms, this is your chance to play on your size, expertise, and experience to become the number one vendor.

Share your success stories

As early adopters of content marketing, the IT, technology and software sectors have created a well informed and educated customer market - meaning further educational content just won't do the job of generating leads. Instead, focussing on industry reports and success stories of businesses who have used your solution, is now king.

Don't forget about design

Regardless of whether you're targeting B2B or B2C firms, the design of your solution is imperative. Poorly designed UX design and customer journey can lead to frustration, delays, and ultimately a cancellation of your product. A refresh of your current design is always welcomed, just don't mess things around too much.

Disrupt or die

For SMEs especially, disrupting the big guys with product innovation or investing in a niche area will help to drive new customers and reach the growth targets you've been set. By the nature of your industry, the day you sit back, is the day you die - so keep on innovating.

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