Robbie Jones By Robbie Jones • May 15, 2018

[New eBook] - Yellowstep launch Lead Generation Ideas Guide for B2B marketers

Yellowstep have launched a new guide for marketers in B2B industries, that provide ideas on how they can generate more leads and customers via their digital marketing channels.

What's included

The guide, 30 Top Lead Generation Ideas for B2B Marketers Guide, is now available to download for free. The guide includes tips, tricks and advice on:

  • Optimising your lead generation channels
  • Increasing the relevancy of your content offers
  • Implement best-practice conversion tactics
  • Streamline your website user journey
  • Gather greater intelligence on your prospects


Why it's important

This guide has been created to help B2B marketers take the next step in their lead generation and digital marketing efforts. The Content Marketing Institute's 2018 research report found that companies around the world are having mixed success with their lead generation campaigns.

  • Only 25% of respondents rated their lead generation approach as "very" or "extremely successful".
  • Only 18% of respondents rated their marketing "much more successful" than one year ago.
  • 44% of respondents agreed that it has become "increasingly difficult" to capture the attention of their audience


Who's written it

The 30 Top Lead Generation Ideas Guide has been compiled by the Yellowstep team, who have over twenty years of combined lead generation and digital marketing expertise. Managing Director, Martin Broadhurst said on the launch:

"B2B marketers are constantly faced with two key challenges - increasing website traffic and generating quality leads online."

"While businesses have been quick to embrace new digital marketing techniques, sometimes the best practice techniques are missed, meaning performances don't always hit the heights that they should."

"This guide provides tips and tricks that can be implemented quickly, in order to see an improvement in website traffic and lead generation soon."


How to get your copy

Start generating more website traffic and online leads by getting your free copy of the ideas guide here. We will also be launching our new blog with additional lead generation ideas, so be sure to sign up to our blog too!

30 Top Lead Generation Ideas for B2B Marketers