Martin Broadhurst By Martin Broadhurst • April 2, 2013

11 reasons to nurture your leads with marketing automation

Personalised emails increase CTR

Marketing is changing and the reasons to embrace the changes are irrefutable. Advances in marketing automation software are putting those using lead nurturing at the front and centre of customer minds when they come to choose a supplier. Read on for 11 more compelling reasons to start using lead nurturing within your marketing process.

Produce more sales ready leads at a lower cost

Companies who shine at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost. (Source: Forrester Research)

Increase average spend per transaction

On average, nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads. (Source: The Annuitas Group)

Increase company revenue

Companies that automate lead management see a 10% or greater increase in revenue in 6-9 months. (Source: Gartner Research)

More work for your sales team

46% of marketers with mature lead management processes have sales teams that follow up on more than 75% of marketing-generated leads. (Source: Forrester Research)

Hit sales quotas more often

Companies with mature lead generation and management practices have a 9.3% higher sales quota achievement rate. (Source: CSO Insights)

Targeted email campaigns significantly increase revenue

Relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails. (Source: Jupiter Research)

Increase email click-through rates and conversions

Personalised emails improve click-through rates by 14%, and conversion rates by 10%. (Source: Aberdeen Group)

Reduce spend on direct mail

Event-triggered marketing can potentially save 80% of your direct mail budget. (Source: Gartner Research)

Improve response rates by >400%

Lead nurturing emails get 4-10 times the response rate compared to standalone email blasts. (Source: SilverPop/DemandGen Report)

Automate the lead qualification process

Lead nurturing emails have a slightly higher unsubscribe rate (1%) than individual email sends (0.5%), indicating their effectiveness in removing unqualified leads from the sales funnel. (Source: HubSpot)

Produce more leads opportunities

Nurtured leads produce, on average, a 20% increase in sales opportunities versus non-nurtured leads. (Source: DemandGen Report)

By Martin Broadhurst