The Yellowstep Team By The Yellowstep Team • May 5, 2015

Inbound marketing: Explained in 60 seconds

Image credit: Eden Videos

Inbound marketing: it's a drum we've been banging here at Katapult for a couple of years now, however we're regularly finding that although many businesses are aware that the marketing landscape is changing, they're often not sure what to change, or whether to invest marketing budget in new and unproven areas. 

With so many tools, service providers and approaches to choose from, it can often be confusing to know where to start. With that in mind, lets go back to basics: Here's a great little exaplainer video from Eden Videos which covers what inbound marketing is all about, and the reasons marketers need to change their approach to survive in the digital landscape. 

Inbound Marketing Animation by Eden Videos

Key Takeaways

Here's a few important takeaways to remember:

  • Traditional marketing involves interrupting consumers to convice them to do business with you
  • Buyer behaviour is changing and consumers are getting better at blocking traditional marketing
  • This is due to an excess of media messages and technology empowering the consumer
  • Inbound marketing enables your dream customers to find you, rather than you going out of your way to find them
  • Inbound marketing focuses on solving problems that your customers have, by creating useful content that they want to share, building your brand as a trusted advisor and expert.

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