Robbie Jones By Robbie Jones • May 18, 2018

How to increase leads from your website by enforcing these FIVE rules

If you've reached a point where your website traffic and leads stats have plateaued, then you've come to the right blog article. Below we have highlighted five rules that you should enforce immediately, in order to see an upturn in your marketing performance. So, notepad at the ready, here's how to increase leads from your website...

Rule #1

Create content offers for all buyer stages

There are three buyer stages that you should be aware of already, these are, awareness, consideration and decision stages. At each stage you should be offering a piece of 'content' that buyers can download in order to inform their purchasing decision. A simple example of this is:

  • Awareness - Offer educational content that helps the buyer, for example, a "how to" guide
  • Consideration - Offer content that demonstrates you as a potential solution, for example, a case study pack
  • Decision - Offer a sales-related consultation such as a demo, trial or free quotation


Use calls-to-action buttons on your site

Calls-to-action (CTAs) provide the route to your content offers. If your CTAs are not capturing the attention of your audiences, then your offers will be completely useless. CTAs can also appear on display adverts, emails, social media posts and anywhere else you can promote your content offers. Remember to:

  • Place your CTA where the eye can see
  • Use colour contrasts to make it stand out
  • Link to the content landing page


Build landing pages that convert

According to MarketingSherpa research, landing pages are effective for 94% of B2B and B2C companies. The use of landing pages enables marketers to direct website visitors to targeted pages and capture leads at a much higher rate. The key remit is to make the user's journey to get to your content as frictionless as possible. Here's how to do it:

  • Remove the main website navigation from the landing page design
  • Match your landing page headline with your calls-to-action
  • Emphasize the benefits to the user of the content offer

Rule #4

Optimise your website contact forms

Forms as the reason you're bringing prospects to a landing page. Without them, there is no way to turn your website visitors into leads - or follow up with them via email or by phone. Put these tips into practice to get more website leads.

  • Avoid using the term 'submit' on the form, it's too cold
  • Keep the form length relative to the buyer stage they are at
  • Include GDPR-related tick boxes to stay legal



You may have the best content offers, blog articles and email newsletters in the world, but without inviting titles, no-one will engage with it - making your marketing under-perform. Remember, on a day-to-day basis, you're competing with Netflix, Facebook and a thousand other things to grab your target audience's attention. Try the following tactics when writing your next titles:

  • Make a promise - "Get the promotion you've always dreamed of in just 12 months time"
  • Ask a compelling question - "Is this really the best way to improve efficiency by 20%?"
  • Offer an 'exclusive' - "Welcome to the secret 100 club"

There's lots more rules...

We've compiled 30 of the must-know lead generation ideas for B2B marketers in our free, downloadable guide. As well as more rules to help generate more website leads, the guide also includes ideas on how to improve your social media, SEO, email marketing and paid advertising activity too. Get your copy today.


30 Top Lead Generation Ideas for B2B Marketers

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