Robbie Jones By Robbie Jones • May 7, 2014

Essential tips to create mobile-friendly emails, eshots and eblasts


Mobile marketing is growing. A Forbes survey back in 2013 found that a massive 7-out-of-10 senior-level executives use mobile and tablet devices to research products and services before making a purchasing decision for their business. And that was 12 months ago, just imagine what the stats are now!

It is now more important than ever to have optimised digital assets so potential customers, no matter what device they are on, can interact with you; email marketing is no exception to the change.

Known as eShots, eBlasts, eComms and various other names beginning with the letter 'e', the emails you send to your database need to look good. They need to be optimised and eye-catching whether your audience are viewing on a mobile, tablet or desktop PC. Here's some essential tips to optimise your emails.

Mobile friendly emails, eshots and eblasts tips

Short subject line

69% of emails are marked spam because of the subject. The optimal length for mobile devices is 35 characters - so keep the subject snappy and exciting.

Optimised email template

The age of scrolling from left-to-right to read emails on mobile devices has ended. 41% of Europeans wil close or delete and email if the email isn't optimised. Check your email provider to see whether an optimised template is available for you to use.

You've got mail

75% of smartphone users now check their email on a mobile device. 43% of these will check their emails 4 or more times per day. If you were ever in doubt about optimising your emails, you now know why its important!

Fast and glorious

Emails only make up 5.3% of a mobile users' device time, so its really important to get your message(s) across fast and make your potential customers interested. Be savvy and to the point.

Clicking by sex

Men open 20% more emails on mobile but women click 10% more often on mobile emails. Bear this in mind when targetting your target audience of your email.

Website optimisation required

There is no point having a mobile-friendly email template if your website isn't optimised either. Just imagine people clicking a link on your email to your website, to find your website unreadable and messy. For a coherent message, all parts of your digital assets needs to be optimised for mobile.


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