Thomas Cox By Thomas Cox • October 4, 2018

9 B2B Marketing Presentations you must see on SlideShare

It’s easy to see why so many B2B marketers are going to LinkedIn SlideShares for inspiration.

With the majority of us now visual learners, the SlideShare medium allows creators to explain ideas and tell stories in a way that is sharp, engaging, and features bold imagery.

Not only that, but SlideShares are an excellent resource for learning and often feature latest industry research. And when delivered with skill and finesse, they can be a huge traffic and demand-generator for B2B businesses.

The following nine SlideShare presentations are some of our favourites - and feature useful, must-see content for digital marketers. Take a look:


‘Crap. The Content Marketing Deluge.’

This SlideShare was designed to make a statement back in 2013, and is just as relevant, perhaps even more relevant, today than ever before. The crux is that to stand out amongst the swarm of ‘crap’ content, the winners have to build a ‘Great Content Brand’, which differs completely from the common ‘efficient content machines’ within B2B businesses. Direct, engaging, and just a little bit rude, this presentation by Velocity Partners can provide the inspiration you need to start creating outstanding content.   

Educate, Entertain or Convince: Three Beneficial Approaches to Content Marketing

Brian Honigman builds a compelling argument that good content marketing builds 'indirect appeal' through one of three ways:  by educating, entertaining, or convincing buyers. Choosing one of these factors is all dependant on your brand and the goal of each piece of content. And if it’s all three? Then you're onto a winner. 

How to Suck at Marketing

Sucking at marketing is quite easy, Hubspot argues in their SlideShare. So they’ve written a handy guide on how to achieve it, with depersonalised emails, plenty of cold calls, and making sure everybody on social media knows how great you and the company are (constantly). If it's driven you to take action on your sales and marketing strategy, take a look at our guide on what modern B2B buyers are now looking for. 

How Google Works

In this SlideShare, seasoned Silicon Valley business executives Eric Shmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg illustrate the picture of how Google thrives. In short, it all stems from their brand values, culture, and the ‘smart creative’ people they choose to join them on their journey. Off the back of this presentation, it's worth also considering how your brand is working - both internally and externally - to execute your vision and drive more growth within your business.

10 Ridiculous Hacks to 5X Click-Through Rates

Heading back to the tactical, two of B2B marketing’s most popular gurus, Steve Rayson and Larry Kim, deliver a collection of hacks that you can implement immediately to improve your click-through rates. Grab your audience’s attention, and impement ‘unicorn’ ads that stand out among the dross.

‘The Search for meaning in B2B marketing’

Doug Kessler, who also brought you ‘Crap. The Content Marketing Deluge’  documents his journey so far in B2B marketing with a personal and engaging SlideShare. If you’re looking for meaning within your role, Doug eloquently explains some of his core values and how he's been able to deliver value to new and existing clients for over thirty years. 

100 Marketing Growth Hacks Learned From 5 Years as a Startup

In this SlideShare, Wishpond reveals simple growth hacks and tactics that led to 5 years of growth, which digital marketers can try for themselves. With 100 here, there’s a huge possibility that you’ve not tried all of them. See for yourself!


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Marketing Automation

Stats, research, and practical advice on how to use marketing automation within B2B marketing to generate traffic, leads, and sales. Check out the SlideShare to see what automation can accomplish for your business.


6 Questions to Lead You to a Social Media Strategy

Many businesses know that they ‘need to do’ social media, but they don’t know how or more importantly, why. This SlideShare gives you six questions that get you to the 'why' of your social media strategy, and enable you to think deeply about reaching your audience in the right place at the right time.
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