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7 examples of digital marketing strategies that sizzle

We've been fortunate enough over the past two months to assess the digital marketing performance of some of the top B2B businesses in the Midlands, for use in our inaugural Midlands Top 40 Growth ReportAs part of the report, we analysed the three key areas that make a good digital marketing strategy - website performance, traffic generation and lead generation.

Using these three areas to build a scoring matrix, we identified and ranked seven examples of digital marketing strategies that we like and that are working well for the business in generation marketing ROI.

1 - 3aaa

The training and apprenticeships provider ranked as the best digital marketing strategy that we analysed as part of the Midlands Top 40 Growth Report. Their search engine optimisation and social media were close to perfect and were helping to generate plenty of traffic to their website. Their website itself is well optimised for mobile and tablet devices - a must-have for a business that communicates with a younger audience.


2 - Sertec

The automotive engineering company ranked 6th in our top 40 report. Their news and blog sections of their website proved to be the outstanding piece of their digital marketing strategy with fresh, traffic generating articles being regularly created. Their website user journey is also seamless, creating an easy way for web users to interact with the brand.



The website performance of Evolution Funding is the key standout in this example. Their site includes a clear user experience with a fresh and modern design that helps those in the automotive and retail industry understand their offering. Clearly, this strategy has helped to boost the business performance of Evolution, who have seen growth of 91.7% over the past 12-24 months.


4 - Ebecs

With average business growth of 58% in the past 12-24 months, Ebecs caught our eye and their digital marketing strategy somewhat justified their success over recent years. Ranked 12th in our top 40 report, the software and technology company hosts a good news and blog section of their website, alongside a strong search engine optimisation strategy.


5 - M Lambe Construction

M Lambe Construction made it into our top 15 due to their active blog and news section of their website, as well as their social media content. Twitter, in particular, was one of the strongest social media channels we assessed with plenty of educational content and re-shares of stakeholder content too.


6 - Hawk Group

Construction company Hawk Group proved to be one of the best in the top 40 report for website traffic generation. Their use of buyer persona-related articles on their website, which are then shared on active social media streams, was a standout in our research. This traffic and creation of a community of followers on their social media streams is probably a contributory factor as to why they've seen business growth in the last 12 months.



In the highly competitive supply chain and logistics industry, Cygnia came out on top as one of the best in the Midlands for their digital marketing strategy - except our client Altius, of course! Despite lacking high scores for their traffic and lead generation, their website performed very well, based on its user experience and mobile-optimised state.


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