Robbie Jones By Robbie Jones • May 28, 2018

5 B2B lead generation ideas that'll boost your marketing performance

This is your chance to capitalise on our digital marketing expertise.

We, as always, are busy working on B2B lead generation campaigns for clients across various sectors. There doesn't seem to be a HubSpot portal that we're not admin of!

This means we've got tips, five of them to be precise, to pass on to you that will help you improve your marketing performance. And if you want any more ideas, we've compiled 25 more on our guide.

1. Create content for all buyer stages

Not every website visitor is ready to contact you right away with a sales enquiry, unfortunately. You need to create content that helps your visitors assess the issues they are facing first in order to gain their trust.

Think about creating:

  • Awareness content - Resources like eBooks that help visitors identify their issues and provide possible answers.
  • Consideration content - Case studies are great examples of content that demonstrates you as a potential solution to their issue
  • Decision content - When they're ready to become a customer, provide offers such as free demos, trials and consultations.

New Call-to-action


How many of your calls-to-action buttons (CTAs) appear on your web pages as soon as a web visitors loads up the page?

There is a tendency for B2B marketers to add CTAs towards the bottom of web pages, despite the fact that their job is to convert visitors into leads. When you are adding CTAs to your website, remember:

  • Place them above-the-fold of your website to ensure visitors see it first
  • Add pop-up CTAs as users scroll down your blog articles and web pages
  • Make the offer compelling and action-oriented to boost your conversion rate 


3. Remove your landing page navigation

Visitors to your landing pages, where you promote your content offers, should be able to make only one of two decisions: complete the form and convert into a lead, or leave the page. If your website navigation is apparent, there's a high chance they're simply going to click away from the page. So:

  • Remove the navigation from all landing pages, you'll see a difference immediately
  • Remove any other external links, such as social media links too
  • Make sure your landing page is succinct, compelling and action-oriented


4. Avoid the term 'submit'

If you think about it, nobody really wants to ‘submit’ anything. Instead, they want to receive something of value. Adding this statement to your button is a missed opportunity. You can instead use this space for more persuasive text that will preview the benefits of your offer.

  • Use action-packed phrases such as ‘Get your free eBook'.
  • Make sure your CTA button is big, bold, and clearly clickable.
  • Use different phrases for every different offer on your website.


5. Demonstrate proof in numbers

One great way to make an offer more valuable is to show that other people are participating in that offer. Try mentioning the number of people who have purchased, downloaded, or signed up, and that the claims are not only true, but also believable.

  • Some examples include ‘Find out why 12,000 people have already signed up to receive our newsletter’ or ‘Join 4,000 others who have signed up for our FREE webinar'.
  • Update these numbers regularly to show authenticity to your website visitors and leads.
  • Be sure to outline why so many people have signed up to your newsletter, etc. As well as social proof, website visitors still need reasons to join.

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