Neil Perrott By Neil Perrott • October 17, 2016

Your future-proof sales and marketing plan to drive new business growth


2016 continues to be an eventful year for the UK economy and the millions of businesses that operate on our shores. Steady growth out of a double-dip recession seems a very long time ago following the country’s decision to leave the EU and speculation on the timing and impact of finalising the divorce.

Uncertainty throughout the typically-overcast British summer has led to interest rates, GDP (Gross Domestic Product), and PMI (Purchasing Manager's Index) figures being slashed to record levels. To date, Sterling has dropped 16% against the euro since the UK's Brexit vote.

Despite the disruption caused by such macro environmental factors, there are still opportunities for businesses to drive new business growth; these opportunities, together with insights into what business leaders can do to capitalise on them, are outlined in our new report 7 steps to driving growth with sales & marketing.

Driving growth report

The report identifies key opportunities that can help businesses align their sales and marketing to drive sustainable business growth. The growth opportunities covered in the report include:

Identifying new value drivers

How adopting a more customer-centric strategy can improve brand awareness, customer satisfaction and achieve reliable, regular revenue.

Accelerating decision making

How applying intelligent data throughout the business can drive better customer satisfaction, increase employee productivity, and generate higher revenues.

Fast-tracking return on marketing investment

How new technologies can help your sales & marketing teams attract, convert, close and analyse new business leads - while using the data to structure more successful future campaigns.

Improving your sales funnel efficiency

How alignment between your sales and marketing team can generate more, and better qualified leads using SLAs and closed-loop reporting.

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